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Examples of the Landlord-Tenant cases:

* A Landlord sues you for loss of rent, or damages to property;

* A Landlord wants to evict you for non-payment of rent, you  claim that you have made a repair;

* You want to get compensation from a Landlord for defective appliances or unrepaired washroom;

* You rented out your basement, but now you want to get rid of your noisy tenant;

* You rented an apartment without Lease Agreement, and this bothers you.

   As you can see, there can be many scenarios, and you may find yourself in any place.

Legal proceedings are complicated, lengthy, extremely

formalized, and require specific knowledge and experience.

There is no automatic right to sue anyone for anything, and

there is no obligation on you to accept the blame, you have the

right to present your case in Court, and then the Court will

decide whether or not you have established your position.

  Whether you want to sue, or being sued there is a lot of facts to


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