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Judgment Enforcement and Collections

        Congratulations! You have now obtained a Judgement in the Small Claims Court, now: what next?

          The answer is simple: the Judgment Debtor, the one against whom you have obtained your Judgment must now pay you the amount indicated in the Judgment.  
         However, sometimes it happens that the Judgment Debtor would not indicate enough good will to pay the Judgment voluntarily.

          If this is the case, give me a call: (416) 512-7506 and schedule an appointment. I can help you to convince this Debtor to pay.

       The whole after judgment collection process is known as: the Enforcement of the Judgment. In general, there are following ways to collect the Judgment:

   * Garnishment;
   * Writ of seizure and sale of personal property;
   * Writ of seizure and sale of Land;
   * Examination of the Debtor;
   * Writ of Delivery, and some others.

      The Enforcement of the Judgment process includes various searches, preparation and issuance of the documents and obtaining Court Orders.

     Every step in the process of Enforcement of the Judgment is regulated and requires meticulous preparation of the specific documents. Those documents then must be in a special way and within specific time delivered to specific persons. 

     To explain the whole Enforcement process in a few words, it is: complicated, sequential and highly regulated. 

      It is not unusual to see some Judgment Creditors abandoning their attempts to collect the Judgment out of frustration, and others losing patience in the process and quit just because of its complexity. 

       The proper solution in this situation is to entrust this process to professional. Give me a visit and explain your situation. I know what to do, I know what forms are necessary, I know where and how to search for the Debtor’s assets, and I can efficiently lead you through the perilous waters of the legal process of Enforcement of the Judgment.