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Usual Steps in Litigation Process

     Wrongful Dismissal, Employment Disputes,

 Small Claims Court, Landlord-Tenant Litigation.


    Preliminary Considerations  

    (Before commencement of  Legal Proceeding):

*** First call-initial screening conference. You’ll have the opportunity to explain your problem in general and schedule a meeting with me.

*** First interview to gather facts and background information. Held in person in my office. 

You will explain your problem in details and show documents.    You will ask your questions, you will be given explanations regarding process and my services

Commencement of the Legal Action:  

*** Open and register the new file

*** Review and organize documents

*** Prepare Case Brief and Facts Summary

*** Draft correspondence and pleadings

*** File pleadings with the court

*** Service documents on other parties

Preparation for the Settlement Conference:

*** Legal research

*** Define locate and interview possible witnesses

*** Disclosure of Documents

*** Preparation of legal submissions

*** Considerations regarding possible settlement and its terms

*** Attendance and Representation at the Settlement Conference

Preparation for the Trial:

*** Legal research

*** Preparation of submissions and legal arguments

*** Finalizing Disclosure: preparation, exchange and filing of the Books of Documents and Legal Authorities with the Court

*** Preparation of the Client for Trial

*** Interview and Preparation Witnesses for Trial

*** Attendance and Representation at Trial

Enforcement and Collection Proceedings (After Judgment):

*** Assets searches

*** Preparation and filing of the forms and documents with the Court

*** Service of the proper documents on other parties

*** Attendance and Representation at the Hearings

         These steps illustrate only typical structure of the litigation process. There also could be various Motions, specific court hearings held to determine specific legal issues, or to grant specific award, at any stage of the litigation, or even after a Judgment. 

           The parties to the litigation may resolve their differences in many ways, and having dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced legal professional by your side will greatly reduce your stress, and save you time and efforts.

Whatever your current situation is, it is never late to call: (416) 512-7506, and get my professional support.